Perioperative Hemostasis: Coagulation for Anesthesiologists

by Carlo Marcucci (Editor), Patrick Schoettker (Editor)

All anesthesiologists are confronted with patients who show bleeding disorders,

whether congenital, acquired, or pharmacologically induced. Although many

studies, meta-analyses, guidelines, and textbooks have been published on the

subject, they mostly cover specific aspects or require a thorough knowledge of

hemostasis. The goal of this book is to provide the anesthesiologist with an overview

of hemostasis and the mechanisms underlying bleeding and coagulation in

general and to assist in the understanding of specific coagulation disorders as

they may occur in the various anesthesia subspecialties. It is hoped that, through

the provision of practical information and tools, the book will help residents and

trained anesthesiologists to manage one of the most frustrating challenges that they

face: the bleeding patient. A full understanding of coagulation requires a lifelong

career, and this book is not intended to replace the consulting hematologist,

whose expert opinion should always be sought. The available procoagulant

blood products and drugs all have potentially dangerous side-effects;

furthermore, in bleeding disorders pitfalls are frequent and a misdiagnosis can

have potentially catastrophic consequences. The aim of the editors is thus

instead to enhance the collaboration between the disciplines of Anesthesiology and Hematology.



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