Surgery: An Introductory Guide

by Umut Sarpel

Presented it in a convenient, efficient, and portable format, An Introductory Guide to General Surgical Procedures identifies the information that a medical student needs to get the most out of an operation. It focuses on the typical experience of a third-year medical student rotating on the core surgery clerkship. The operations that are covered represent the breadth of general surgery that students are likely to experience. This includes hernia repair, cholecystectomy, breast surgery, general bowel surgery and others. Also included are vascular surgery procedures that students may observe, including amputations, vascular access and vascular bypasses. The information is presented in easily accessible mind-maps rather than bulky prose, and each chapter is paired with a color illustration of the operative field and examples of radiology imaging.This method of using key words, diagrams and illustrations enhances the student’s ability to quickly absorb and retain the relevant and useful information. Each section brings together the key points from several different fields, including anatomy, pathophysiology, radiologic correlation, surgical technique and clinical guidelines. The volume is organized by operation rather than by pathological topic, since this mirrors the real-life experience of a student.The format lends itself to quick review and correlation to the surgical field right there and then in the operating theater.

An Introductory Guide to General Surgical Procedures will be of great value to medical students on a surgical clerkship or elective as well as interns rotating on general surgery.


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