Manual of Soft-tissue Management in Orthopaedic Trauma

Manual of soft tissue management in orthopaedic traumaBy

  • David A Volgas, MD, Associate Professor
  • Yves Harder, MD, PD

This book beautifully begins with the most basic of soft tissue surgical techniques, including how to hold the scalpel and cut tissue as well as the proper use of other surgical tools. It progresses to describing and providing treatment recommendations with detailed photographs of complex traumatic soft-tissue issues. The color photos and diagrams are superb. This is very much a niche book without shortcomings.–Samuel Chmell, MD, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

A fracture first and foremost is a soft-tissue injury, the best possible outcome of which strongly depends on correct decision making at the right time and state-of-the-art softtissue handling. In order for orthopaedic and trauma surgeons to address these issues comprehensively without being plastic surgeons themselves, a certain level of interdisciplinary understanding has to be acquired.

This textbook provides that knowledge applicable in everyday clinical situations, focusing on interdisciplinary treatment strategies and basic soft-tissue techniques. High-quality videos and 20 carefully selected case studies further illustrate this comprehensive approach and the complex process of decision making.

Surgeons will, among other things, be able to expand their knowledge regarding:

  • Assessment of soft-tissue injuries
  • Correct choice and handling of instruments
  • Emergency department management
  • Adequate debridement and wound conditioning
  • Options and choice of wound closure and coverage

‘Manual of Soft-Tissue Management in Orthopaedic Trauma’ was released in December 2011. This manual combines the knowledge of the orthopaedic, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon.


Editors David A Volgas and Yves Harder have succeeded in creating a unique guide for less experienced and advanced trauma surgeons that will increase interdisciplinary understanding for the good of the patient.

When dealing with orthopaedic trauma, fracture fixation frequently takes precedence in the surgeon’s mind. Nevertheless, a fracture, first and foremost, is a soft-tissue injury in which the bone happens to be broken.

Identifying an adequate soft-tissue treatment strategy right from the beginning is not always straightforward. In addition, it is the basic techniques such as correct debridement, irrigation, and instrument handling that require special attention as they are crucial for the outcome and not always taught comprehensively.

A considerable number of narrated, high-quality, technical videos and carefully selected case studies illustrate the comprehensive approach and complex process of decision making. The reader will follow experienced surgeons in identifying and weighing different options in individual every-day cases, thereby maximizing learning.


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