Statistical Methods and Reasoning for the Clinical Sciences

by Eiki Satake
The growing emphasis on evidence-based practice has increased the importance of using clinical studies for empirical demonstration of the efficacy of clinical interventions. As a result, speech-language pathologists and audiologists must be well-versed in research methods and statistical analysis. In fact, a demonstrated knowledge of statistics (including a stand-alone course in statistics) is a requirement of ASHA certification effective September 1, 2014.

Statistical Methods and Reasoning for the Clinical Sciences is the ideal textbook to meet the need for a solid understanding of statistics for communication sciences and disorders. The author clearly defines and illustrates the foundational concepts of statistics, including statistical vocabulary, population parameters, sampling methods, and descriptive methods like measures, correlation, and regression. Emphasis is placed on the topic of probability because a firm grasp of the probabilistic approach is essential for any clinician to generate a precise diagnosis.

The readers of this textbook will:

-Comprehend how clinical research reflects a series of steps that conform with the scientific method of problem solving (observation, hypothesis formation, hypothesis testing, verification, and evaluation)

-Appreciate the importance of including rationales in a research study that entail three interrelated tasks: description (why it was done), explanation (what was done and to whom), contextualization (how the results relate to other bodies of knowledge)

-Distinguish between statistical significance and clinical significance.

-Value the importance of scientific literacy as a major ingredient of evidence practice

-With its comprehensive scope and timely content

Statistical Methods and Reasoning for the Clinical Sciences is the ideal text for students of communication sciences and disorders who wish to engage in truly evidence-based practice.


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