Pani’s Filariasis

Author: Pani Sankarsan

This book discusses the anatomy of lymphatic system followed by physiology of tissue circulation and descriptive pathological analysis of filariasis such as morphology, pathogenesis of filariasis, Pani’s gradation of edema, grades of edema, immunology in filariasis, immunopathogenesis, immunodiagnosis of filariasis. The book also discusses on classification of filariasis in clinical practice, acute presentations of filariasis, chronic presentations, silent presentations and complex physical therapy. All these in depth clinical and field reports coupled with pictorial presentation of the cases makes this book a ideal reference book on lymphadenitis, lymphangitis, acute orchitis, acute epididymitis, acute funiculitis, acute mastitis, acute arthritis, acute synovitis, acute myositis, acute tendinitis, elephantiasis, hydrocele, tropical eosinophilia etc. While discussing on the clinical aspect of the diseases, information related to complex physical therapy such as skin care, massage, use of compression bandage, special exercise has also been discussed. The book also has discussed on the chemistry of the prescribable drugs such diethylcarbamazine, asperzine, benzopyrones, etc.


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