Manual of Urodynamics

Author: Agarwal Mayank Mohan

Urodynamics is the study of performance of the bladder and urethra during the storage and release of urine. Anatomy of the lower urinary tract (LUT) tells that Bladder is divided into two parts, body and base which comprises of trigone and bladder neck. Uroflowmetry is the measure of urine flow rate over time that represents the final outcome of bladder function and status of bladder – outlet. Voiding dysfunction combines with other dysfunctions cause various lower urinary tract symptoms. Urodynamics is a computer-based investigation which comprises of hardware for acquisition of data and software to analyze and compute. Video Urodynamics (VUDS) is the combination of urodynamic investigations with X-ray or ultrasound real time images, which is more effective than urodynamics. Urethral Pressure Profilometry describes the functioning of the urethra. Ambulatory UDS (AUDS) is performed while the patient is ambulant. The report of urodynamics should contain each component of LUT separately, in numeric as well as interpretative terms. It consists of Filling, Stress and Voiding Phases. The manual of Urodynamics also involves the case studies of 4 patients with their urodynamic studies.


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