Anesthesia for Transplant Surgery

Author: Sood Jayashree, Vohra Vijay

The purpose of this book is to introduce the interested reader to the complex field of anesthesia for organ transplantation and for the discerning and transplant anesthesiologist to refresh their knowledge of the vast subject and perhaps even pick up a tip or two from the collective experience of the team at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital who have been anesthetizing patients for solid organ transplantation for the past two decades. A lot of thought has been put in the construction of the book so that its various filaments (from history, immunosuppression, brain death, evolution of end stage organ failure, the role of anesthetic technique at various stages of surgery, the perioperative care in to amongst others) could be woven into a comprehensive whole. Each chapter has been divided into subheadings like introduction, history, indications for transplantation, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in renal and liver failure, etc. Some chapters are of interest for those who do not work in transplant operation theatres, for example “Anesthetic Considerations for Non-transplant Surgery in the Post-liver Transplant Patients”. The latest literature regarding organ transplantation at the time of the book going to press, has been added where necessary, appropriate images to complement the text (taken from the departments personal collection) and crisp editing of the contents make for an appealing and easy read.


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