Complex Injuries of the Hand

Author: Cheema Tahseen A.

This book, Complex Injuries of the Hand, deals with various kinds of hand injuries. The management of complex injuries of the hand can be challenging to a surgeon who is used to dealing with simpler hand injuries. Such injuries can involve any anatomical structure, from the skin to the bone. Knowledge of the anatomy of the hand, backed up by expert surgical techniques, can result in recovery of a functional hand with less morbidity. Frequently, the treating surgeon has to deal with repairing many structures simultaneously, or in a series of stages, and a knowledge of orthopedic, plastic, vascular and neurosurgery is essential when treating all aspects of the injury. The book is divided into four sections. The first section deals with the general principles and philosophy of treatment, including anesthesia and post-operative rehabilitation; the second deals with complex injuries in each tissue system; the third with thermal and blast injuries; the fourth with special techniques such as microsurgery and external fixation.


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