Knee Surgery

Author: Rajgopal Ashok

This book of Knee Surgery comprehensively handles the state-of-the-art knee replacement. The readers will be exposed to every essential aspect of knee replacement surgery. Single compartment replacement, through total knee replacement, is thoughtfully addressed. In a unique way, the readers will understand the advantages and disadvantages of different techniques and current options in knee arthroplasty. This book also addresses most common arthroscopic interventions. The chapters begin with anatomy and examination and proceed through more difficult and complex topics of posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) and posterolateral corner reconstruction. Each chapter is well-written and the illustrations help clearly convey the authors’ intended message. The assembled contributors are established experts in their respective fields and have written authoritative chapters sharing their expertise. The chapters are well-designed to build on each other and construct a solid foundation of knowledge for treating a wide variety of knee problems. The experienced surgeon and the novice alike will appreciate the book as each seeks to better his skill. The clinical utility of the book is made evident by the inclusive discussion on anesthesia, postoperative pain management and rehabilitation of the knee.


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