Otology an Overview

Author: Deshmukh Prasad T, Sam Ansu

This book elucidates the composite components in the field of otology including a contemporary review of diagnostic options for patients with otologic and related disorders in a concise and precise manner. For undergraduate medical students and postgraduate interns, this book would be a ready reckoner as it provides an overview of otology. This book begins with the introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the ear and encompasses insight knowledge about the various types of otologic disorders including diseases of the external ear, acute suppurative, chronic suppurative and secretory otitis media, facial nerve paralysis, vertigo, deafness, etc. All these topics are presented in an easy to read and understand format. Surgical procedures and steps involved in surgical procedures of otology are beyond the arena of this book, hence not included. Each chapter includes “High Points” in boxes summarizing the key learning concepts for the topic. This book is richly illustrated with numerous clinical photographs, diagrams, tables and flowcharts to enhance the knowledge of the reader. For those who need more information on any given topic the authors have given at the end of each chapter “Suggested Reading” for further detailed understanding. In a nutshell, this book touches all the corners and addresses most of the facets of otology.


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