Ramamurthi and Tandon’s Manual of Neurosurgery

Author: Tandon Prakash Narain, Ramamurthi Ravi, Jain N Pradeep Kumar

This book ‘Manual of Neurosurgery’ deals with neurosurgery. Itis divided into XVII sections covering all important areas of neurosurgery, e.g. diagnostics, congenital malformations, head & spinal injuries, infections, vascular malformations,central nervous system tumours, etc. In addition, there are numerous chapters on special neurosurgical techniques such as stereotactic & functional neurosurgery, surgery for epilepsy, movement disorders, psychosurgery and pain. Each section has a number of sub-sections, for example, the section on infections includes brain abscess, subdural empyema, tuberculosis, fungal infections, cysticercosis, etc. Each sub-section provides stand-alone comprehensive information of the subject. This format of the text, as well as the multiple authorship of the book, has no doubt resulted in some duplication of information. Nevertheless, enormous amount of information has been restricted to a manageable number of pages.


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