Technical Variations and Refinements in Head and Neck Surgery

Author: Morris Luc GT, Shah Jatin P

This book, Technical Variations and Refinements in Head and Neck Surgery, deals with head and neck surgery. Unique among the specialties that make up the field of cancer care, surgical oncology is both a science and an art. The outcome of patients with head and neck cancer depends not only on the surgeon’s decision-making and knowledge base, but also on his technical ability to accomplish a surgically safe and complete cancer operation. This textbook will cover the advanced technical aspects, variations, and refinements of head and neck surgical procedures, developed by the senior author over the past 40 years. For each procedure, the refinements will be directly compared with conventional surgical techniques. These refinements were developed, keeping function and esthetics in mind, which clearly impact on the quality of life. Thus, this book is intended to take the reader on a focused tour through some major refinements to the performance of the craft of head and neck surgery.


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